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Me in the Media #2: Naked blogger sets Net community abuzz - My Crappy LJ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Me in the Media #2: Naked blogger sets Net community abuzz [Aug. 30th, 2008|04:09 pm]
Naked blogger sets Net community abuzz
Melissa Lwee Serene Luo
Straits Times, 11 June 2005

THE local blogging community is buzzing after a local girl posted nude pictures of herself on the Internet.

Writing under the moniker Sarong Party Girl, her weblog on www.sarongpartygirl.blogspot.com chronicles her life and numerous sexual escapades.

But though she is posing nude, most lawyers interviewed said that she is probably not breaking any obscenity law.

Lawyer Jonathan Kok, from Harry Elias Partnership, said: 'It's a grey area. If someone were to flash himself physically, it's very clearly an obscene act. But on the Internet, it's a grey area.

'Whenever there's a public outcry, it means the issue has crossed the boundary of public decency. In which case, the authorities would probably step in to tell the Internet Service Provider or write directly to the person involved to fix the problem.'

When interviewed, the girl, a 19-year-old waiting to enter university, revealed that the blog is kept secret from her parents, but maintained she is not ashamed of her photographs.

'There is nothing wrong with having a nude picture of yourself published or on show, as long as there is an artistic and aesthetic value to it and these pictures were nice.'

Since she started her blog in February last year, she has gathered a daily following of about 3,000 readers.

Bloggers like 22-year-old Gabriel Seah think nothing of her lack of inhibition. 'The Internet is a free society, there is no reason why anyone should not do this, because it doesn't hurt anyone.'

But others like Mr Ng Heng Ghee, a 33-year-old IT technician and father of two, frowned on it.

'What she has done reflects badly on her parents because it shows that they did not bring her up well.'